Android Validation using Saripaar v2

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Android Saripaar is a simple, feature-rich and powerful rule-based UI form validation library for Android. It is the SIMPLESTUI validation library available for Android.


Step 1 – Annotate your widgets using Saripaar Annotations

The annotations are self-explanatory. The @Order annotation is required ONLY when performing ordered validations usingValidator.validateTill(View) and Validator.validateBefore(View) or in IMMEDIATE mode.

Step 2 – Instantiate a new Validator

You will need a Validator and a ValidationListener for receiving callbacks on validation events.

Step 3 – Implement a ValidationListener

  • onValidationSucceeded() – Called when all your views pass all validations.
  • onValidationFailed(List<ValidationError> errors) – Called when there are validation error(s).

Step 4 – Validate

Why Android Saripaar?

  • Built on top of Apache Commons Validator, a validation framework with proven track record on the web, desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Declarative style validation using Annotations.
  • Extensible, now allows Custom Annotations.
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous validations, you don’t have to worry about threading.
  • Supports both BURST and IMMEDIATE modes.
  • Works with Stock Android Widgets, no custom view dependencies.
  • Isolates validation logic using rules.
  • Compatible with other annotation-based libraries and frameworks such as ButterKnifeAndroidAnnotationsRoboGuice, etc.,


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