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Android Button that morphs into a loading progress bar. Useful for login or form button animation.

Github Link:-

Include above code instead of android Button.


  • Instantiate the button.
  • Call startAnimation() before starting background process.
  • Call revertAnimation() to switch back to default state. called after completing background process.

Switch to determinant progress

You can switch between indeterminant and determinant progress:

– Show ‘done’ animation

When the loading animation is running, call:

– Revert the loading animation with different text or image


Configure XML

  • app:spinning_bar_width : Changes the width of the spinning bar inside the button
  • app:spinning_bar_color: Changes the color of the spinning bar inside the button
  • app:spinning_bar_padding: Changes the padding of the spinning bar in relation of the button bounds.
  • app:initialCornerAngle: The initial corner angle of the animation. Insert 0 if you have a square button.
  • app:finalCornerAngle: The final corner angle of the animation.

Example for using Rounded button


Example uses a button background for rounded corner and gradient background. If you need same , create login background file in drawable and add the following code.




Library Details:-


Official GitHub repo.

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