Circular Music Progressbar – Library

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This Circular Progress bar is a designed and made for music players that need beautiful music progress bar. 


XML attributes

Name Type Default Description
border_color Color Color.BLACK ProgressBar background color
border_width dimen 2 Thicknes of progress bar
centercircle_diammterer Float 0.805f Number between 0 and 1, that change diammeter of album art image
progress_color Color Color.BLUE ProgressBar active state color
progress_startAngle Float 0 Number between 0 and 360 that describe Start angle of progress bar active state
draw_anticlockwise Boolean false If set to true, progress will be Anti-Clockwise
enable_touch Boolean false If set to true, progress will track along the touch

XML- Element

Java code – MainActivity

Library Details:-


Contents from Official Github Repo.

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