Creative progress bar library for Android

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An Android percentage chart that displays the progress of any single given task or information.

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PrecentageView Control


Name Format Default Supported modes Description
pcv_mode enum pie Sets percentage chart appearance to "ring""pie", or "fill".
pcv_orientation enum clockwise Pie, Ring Sets progress’s drawing direction to "clockwise" or "counter_clockwise".
pcv_startAngle integer 0 All Sets progress’s drawing start angle to [0..360].
pcv_animDuration integer 400 All Sets progress update’s animation duration.
pcv_animInterpolator enum linear All Sets progress update’s animation interpolator to "linear""accelerate""decelerate""accelerate_decelerate""anticipate""overshoot""anticipate_overshoot""bounce""fast_out_linear_in""fast_out_slow_in""linear_out_slow_in".
pcv_drawBackground boolean true for pie mode 
false for ring mode
All Sets whether to draw background or not.
pcv_backgroundColor color #000000 All Sets background color.
pcv_progress integer 0 All Sets current progress.
pcv_progressColor color Accent color All Sets progress color.
pcv_textColor color #ffffff All Sets text color.
pcv_textSize dimension #12sp All Sets text size in SP.
pcv_typeface string System font All Sets progress text’s typeface file path in assets folder.
pcv_textStyle flag normal All Sets progress text’s style to "normal""bold""italic""bold|italic".
pcv_textShadowColor color #00ffffff All Sets text shadow/glow color.
pcv_textShadowRadius string 0 All Sets text shadow/glow radius.
pcv_textShadowDistX float 0 All Sets text shadow/glow’s x-axis distance.
pcv_textShadowDistY float 0 All Sets text shadow/glow’s y-axis distance.
pcv_backgroundOffset dimension 0dp Pie, Fill Sets a margin only for background.
pcv_drawBackgroundBar boolean true Ring Sets whether to draw background bar or not.
pcv_backgroundBarThickness dimension 16dp Ring Sets background bar’s thickness in DP.
pcv_backgroundBarColor color #000000 Ring Sets background color.
pcv_progressBarThickness dimension 16dp Ring Sets progress bar’s thickness in DP.
pcv_progressBarStyle enum round Ring Sets progress bar’s style to "round" or "square".
pcv_gradientType enum All Sets the gradient colors’ type for progress to "linear""radial", or "sweep". (sweep is not supported for fill mode)
pcv_gradientColors string All Sets the gradient colors for progress in a comma separated hex color values format; "#F44336 , #2196F3 , #00BCD4".
pcv_gradientDistributions string All Sets the gradient colors’ distribution in a comma separated float values format; "0.2 , 0.5 , 0.8".
Values must be monotonic and belong to [0..1]. If ignored colors will be distributed evenly.
pcv_gradientAngle integer pcv_startAngle All Sets linear gradient colors’ drawing angle to [0..360].

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