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Yet another Awesome Library from . From the day I started learning Android development, this site helped me very much. Thanks, Ravi Tamada for helping all of Us.

Library Details

Awesome Android library to use the Font Awesome Icon collection in your android apps. This library contains the latest font awesome icon collection (v5.7.2).

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Displaying drawable Icon: FontDrawable

If you want to set an icon to a widget (buttons, menus, bottom sheet, navigation drawer), use the FontDrawable class to create font awesome drawable.

Here Paper Plane icon is set to Floating Action Button

Displaying Icons in Menus (Bottom Navigation, Navigation Drawer, Toolbar etc.,)

You can also display Font Awesome icons in UI elements those use menu file to render items. In the below example, font awesome icons are set to Navigation Drawer items.

If you are new to Font Awesome please refer their site before starting, or else you would be confused about the names to be used for getting icons.

Referring Icon:

Font Awesome provides three set of icons RegularSolid and Brand. All the icons can be referred from Stringsresource file. For example,

@string/fa_map – Regular map icon

@string/fa_heart_solid – Solid heart icon

@string/fa_facebook – Facebook brand icon.


This library includes the Free font awesome icons only, premium icons are not available.

Library Details:

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