Free android settings / profile design with dark mode (Source code included)

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Free Clean ui settings inspiration with android studio compatible source code for your next project. Uses easy to use memory efficient code.

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Android settings app clean ui design with source code

The project includes all base design and resources. For better results, use icons from . It also includes Java code for switching dark and light theme.

we’ve used full filled images of dark icons and changed its color to white. Random background colors are given for circles.


Usually the settings page needs to be inside a fragment for using with bottom navigation, but we’ve used an empty activity for this illustration.

Start by adding an empty activity from new>activity > empty activity.
and set its theme to NoActionbar

gradle (Module:app)

Uses minsdk 17 and target sdk 28 (required for always displaying label in bottomnavigationbar).

included ‘de.hdodenhof:circleimageview:3.0.0’ library for user profile image

Create a function named setDarkModeSwitch() for setting toggle switch listener and changing dark mode theme. Currently we’ve not set Default dark mode, for using same mode as device.

Complete code for

sharedPreference for storing light and dark mode preference.

res files


contains drawables and drawables-night . Copy the contents to their respective folder.



we are using the drawableLeft and drawableRight property of textViews for setting the settings and more icon. Additionally drawablePadding property is used for setting spacing between all these elements and gravity as center for vertically centering content.




  • right click on values folder > new > value resource file
  • give name as colors
  • select night qualifier followed by >> button and press ok



we’ve not extracted string resources.


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NOTE:- source code includes XD Resources also!

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