Free android clean ui login / registration design with source code

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Latest login and registration inspiration for your next project, we’ve already uploaded some of the best login/registration designs but still we are trying to make it even better. Can view other login designs from here

free login/ registration for android – preview

The project includes all base design and resources. For better results, use icons from . For Isometric illustration visit


Start by adding an empty activity from new>activity > empty activity.
and set its theme to NoActionbar
If the NoActionbar theme is not available in your project, its provided in styles section of this tutorial

gradle (Module:app)

Uses minsdk 17 and target sdk 28 (required for always displaying label in bottomnavigationbar).

included ‘’ library for login progress button, if you are not familiar with this library can refer it here:


Project includes LoginActivity and RegistrationActivity, which are basically emptyActivitys with codes for only switching.

Includes code for changing the status bar to a light background.

Overrides default activity transition for creating a moving effect.

full code for

Includes code for changing status bar color (this can be done through activity theme also)

also includes code for transition effect

Complete Code for

res files


contains drawables and drawables-night . Copy the contents to their res folder.

Update:- move ic_register_hero drawables-night to drawables folder.








we’ve not extracted string resources.


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NOTE:- source code includes XD Resources also!

We are planning to start complete tutorial on designing, if you are interested please leave a comment. If we receive enough comments, we will start rolling out designing tutorials.

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